Moving and transport services
reliably and inexpensively


Luksson is a new and dynamic logistics company, our mission is to provide high efficiency moving and transport services for reasonable prices. Don't pay more than it costs.


Moving and
transport services

Moving and transport services reliably and inexpensively. We help you with your moving in Helsinki region, in other cities or abroad. We can also take your useless items to dump.

We can collect your items from Vantaa Ikea or from other shops. Home delivery from 40€.

Moving boxes inexpensively from us. Price for renting boxes is 0,15€ / day / box. Delivery starts from 15€.

We have a transport permit and a liability insurance until 500 000 €.


Buying and

Whether you were a consumer or an entrepreneur, you can sell your old belongings, machines, cars, boats, real estates easily with our help! has over two million visitors monthly from Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Russia. We serve you fast and effectively.

Call us, we will estimate the belongings and make an offer for you. You will get the money from your belongings straight away.

You can watch the stuff in sale now:


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Contact information

Luksson Tmi

Business ID: 2721057-7

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Lehdokkitie 4

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Roman Luksson

Founder / Managing Director

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